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Manas Publication's books  are created with a passion to make accessible to diverse readers, at value for money, the out of the ordinary travel destinations.

To capture the essence of these unique locales, Manas has produced superior standard books both in terms of the design layout of these coffee table books and printing which has been done by the renowned Pragati Art Printers.

The books are rich in its contents, photographs and not only are they a light read and a visual delight but also informative,  covering many important issues like environment and more.

Urmi Popat is an architect by profession and a visiting lecturer in some of the reputed interior designing colleges of Mumbai.

Urmi and her family, her parents – Shakuntala and Ashvin Popat and her sister, Jasmin, are keen trekking enthusiasts with a zeal for the mountains.

After years of research and a curiosity to go beyond the known lands, they could finally achieve the task of touching two remote and little known continents – the Antarctic and Arctic.

Earning the distinction of being the first Indian family to unfurl the Indian flag at the Antarctic, Urmi attempted to put the rich and scintillating experiences in the form of a book, Arctic and Antarctic - Journeys to the Extremities of the Earth. The book received recognition from the media and organisations such as the IMC, BNHS and the WWF.

Passionate to write about architecture and travel and inspired by the enthusiasm shown for her earlier book, Urmi decided to chronicle the experiences of some of her other global travel destinations in Dream Destinations.

She has been entrusted by the NCAOR (National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research), an autonomous Institution of Ministry of Earth Sciences -India, to recreate India’s passage through 30 years of Antarctic research in a coffee-table chronicle, 90 degree South- India’s journey to Antarctica.

About Creative Visualizer and Photo Editor:

Hemant Daiya is a professional photographer. He is currently working for a reputed hospital as a visual communication consultant. Has done photography and designing for several coffee table books.

About Editor:

Ashishwang Godha, journalist with the Times of India, ex-editor at Magna Publication.

About Graphic Designer:

Nitin Patankar, alumnus Sir J.J School of Art, 25 years of experience.

90 degree South- India’s Journey to Antarctica : Uncover the frozen continent, Antarctica -- a destination for intrepid travellers and scientists. Unravel the heroism, adventure and occasional failure in the windiest and the most inhospitable -- yet the most pristine -- place on earth. Experience the repository of exciting, motivating and even hilarious stories, while you retrace 30 years of Indian Antarctic journey through snow and ice and human passion to triumph over it all. India’s Antarctic journey that began in 1981 has advanced in leaps and bounds and continues to grow with a brand-new Indian scientific research station. In 2011, India began the international centenary celebration of humankind reaching the South Pole by one of the fastest overland scientific traverse to the South Pole. Follow India’s trail-blazing path as this coffee table takes you on a mind-boggling, unexplored voyage into the last unspoilt wilderness abundant with penguins, seals and breathtaking natural phenomena!

Arctic and Antarctic - Journeys to the Extremities of the Earth:This coffee-table book is a comprehensive essay on the Arctic and the Antarctic with several coloured photographs and maps to support it at each point. It chronicles the rich and scintillating experiences of these memorable tours.  This book would be a real eye-opener for the young ones today on these two lesser known regions. There are several pertinent issues and information that the author had the opportunity of gathering and reproducing in this book.

Dream Destinations: What is it you dream about when you're caught in traffic? What glazes the eyes and refreshes the mind in the midst of work? Sunny beaches and icy glaciers, the lush green forests and a hip metro nightlife. It's your dream holiday, of course. 

Planning your next holiday? Glean through various UNESCO recognised sites, structures designed by noted architects, the New Seven Wonders, find out about places to eat, shop, party and much more!

And if you simply wish to enjoy a breathtaking holiday ensconced in the comforts of your home, travel the world with us -- from the dense rainforests of the Amazon to the horrors of war-ripped Israel to the stunning largest glacial formation of Europe in Iceland.

Get a delicious taste of the world on your platter.


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